About us


You guys know us by now. We are a bunch of stoners looking to provide the best for the marijuana community. And that include not only information, but products as well. Thus we create the IHL Shop which basically gathers all of the top tier cannabis products in a single place.

International Highlife (IHL)

We launched International Highlife back in December 2014 and it grew phenomenally fast. The cannabis community that we have created since then has become one of the largest ever online and is full of interesting and valuable information relevant to our favorite Mary Jane. We think of everyone who is part of IHL as a part of a family and invite you guys to spread positive vibes and good emotion. You can find us at our official website:  https://internationalhighlife.com/

Highlife Media Consulting LLC

We strive not only to bring the best to our community, but also to help other businesses just like us succeed. Thus we created Highlife Media which is aimed at helping any startup in the cannabis industry establish a name for itself. We can build strong awareness for new companies via our vast social media following of more than 4 million by using flexible and unique growth strategies. You can find out more about Highlife Media at our official website:  http://highlife-media.com/